I'm a self-taught Artist whose paintings are inspired by past memories of my visits to various countries. I never learned how to paint on canvas; I just started using Acrylic paints on Canvas and the results were amazing. I received lots of appreciation from my family, friends and colleagues which encouraged me to take my passion for paintings further...

I am passionate about art, drawing, water color painting since my childhood but never took the opportunity to paint on canvas. After my visits to some of the art galleries in London I started canvas painting as a hobby.

I love travelling so that I can capture natural beauty in my mind. Scenic skies, various shapes & sizes of the trees, bright beautiful flowers are ever changing subjects of my paintings. I love to capture the natural beauty, vibrant colours of these subjects in various seasons/locations on canvas.

My paintings are the visual representations of my mind and soul. When I start to paint I don't want to stop till all my emotions, imaginations are fully transferred onto the Canvas.